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Songs About Jane album cover Singer: Maroon 5
Album: Songs About Jane lyrics
Songs About Jane is sure to become a classic pop/rock album.Released way back in the summer of 2002 its about time fans and radio stations alike have finally taken notice to this great album. The first single HARDER TO BREATHE, was just a tip of the iceberg and if you like variety, you have found the right album. The second single, This Love, blends pop, with rock and dance and is a song that you cant help singing and dancing along with. There are also ballads to choose from as well and I would look for either MUST GET OUT or She Will Be Loved to be possible single choices sometime in the near future.

Other standout tracks on the album include Sunday Morning, THROUGH WITH YOU & THE SUN with each track on the album sounding distinctly differant.

There are definate R & B/funk influences all over this album and will all of the rap songs and R & B ballads taking over the pop charts these days, it is very refreshing to hear a group like Maroon 5 and songs like HARDER TO BREATHE and This Love getting significant play at radio.

Buy this album today and be prepared to sing and dance all day and make sure you catch them live when they come to a town near you.

Like a painting of a beautiful woman `Songs About Jane' evokes an obsession, feeling, and pure desperation mixed with love and loss.

I initially bought the CD for the track, `This Love' that reminded me of a rocked out version of some Barry Manilow song, which I enjoyed listening to, and loved the arrangement. As albums go it's good, very few albums today are filled from front to back with songs liked or even loved by all that listen to the CD. If an artist or band can get as many hits as these guys have they'll be ecstatic.

The album is filled with lots of R&B undertones but is absolutely not R&B but a great mix of Rock and R&B. My favorite tracks are those that include heavy key boards and R&B back-up vocals like Rashida Jones and Mystic. By far my favorite tracks from this album are `Must Get Out', `Sunday Morning' (listen carefully for Mystic in the background after the second line, sexy can't begin to describe her voice), and `Sweetest Goodbye'.

The lyrics are divine in my humble opinion. Each line of each track was filled with desire, regret, longing, and sex. How can you go wrong with lyrics like this?

`Where you are seems to be as far as eternity'
`Sunday morning rain is falling steal some covers share some skin'
`The sex she slipped into my coffee'

Sultry doesn't begin to describe the emotions sparked by a woman named Jane.

Unknown in the 90's as Kara's Flowers, an addition to a new member and a metamorphic blend of R&B, pop, and rock create a refreshing if not acclaimed alternative album worthy of purchase, and of course its excessive airplay. A breath of fresh air in the radio industry of cringingly overplayed punk rock tunes, Maroon 5 infuses a genre span of addicting melodies and lyrics theming passion through lead singer Adam Levine's high octave voice, heartfelt tone and swaggering delivery in comparison to the whiny, exaggerating sounds of bubblegum boyband and popular punk rock bands. "This Love," "She Will Be Loved," "Harder To Breathe," and "Sunday Morning" are the records most famous, and the four greatest songs on a mega-hit packed CD, also featured on two motion picture soundtracks and an acoustic concert album. The compilation revolves around Jane, with hints of sex and desire. "This Love" struck first with an amazing original tune that is easily recognized, alongside a similar "Harder To Breathe" and a slower "She Will Be Loved". In my opinion the most touching track is "Sunday Morning," their latest hit single but overlooked for more recognition. An almost throwback to Motown, "Sunday Morning" features a sensational melody with its highest amount of passion and poignancy, complete with enough artistry and impressive vocals and instrumentation that should haved recieved Grammy consideration. I honestly haven't heard anything that has moved me more this year, with the kind of catch that you can sing to or smile whenever it's been played. Only time will tell whether their next release will succeed over its predecessor, but regardless the band has recieved immense popularity and has given this year in music an innovating aura, especially 2004 being an incredible year for newcomers and mainstream music. Up for the best new artist category in the 47th Annual Grammy Awards, Maroon 5 is a tough competitor and a force to be reckoned with, thanks to their debut hit album that is a definitive buy.

I first heard this in my friends car when we were on a long car ride. We listened to this CD the whole time, only I didn't know what CD it was. When I first heard it, I thought it was okay. It was different, and kinda catchy. But by the end of the car ride (two and half hours) I was ready to chuck the CD out the window. At school a couple of days later my friend was all excited because she had gotten the new Maroon 5 CD, did I have it? I had never heard of Maroon 5. My friend went on and on about how great they were, and since I usually like the same music she does, I went home and listened to sample on itunes, discovering it was that CD I had listened to in the car! THIS is what all my friends were talking about? It's not a bad CD or anything, its just...not great. And it gets old FAST. In fact, I've heard She Will Be Loved more times on the radio than I care for.


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